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Frequently Asked Questions

faqwoman.jpg (8769 bytes)Q. Can I use this to spam?
A. Silly question to be included but people still do it... and the answer is NO.  Any account suspected of spamming will be deleted.

Q. Is there a limit as to the number of email accounts I can have?
A. Yes... you may have one account... why be greedy?

Q. How much space to I get for my email?
A. You have 5MB of space.

Q. How many emails can I send at a time?
A. You can sent up to 15 emails at a time and up to 100 emails in an hour.

Q. Is this an easy email program to learn and use?
A. Of course!  We chose this email system because it is simple AND has some great "extras" including a calendar and a "mini mail" box you can keep open to let you know if you have new mail at your Mail For Moms account.

We will be accepting new accounts again starting February, 2011

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